Sunday, July 20, 2014

Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review

Disclaimer: I received a diaper from Glow Bug Cloth Diapers for review purposes. The following review is my own, honest opinion of the diaper. 

The first time Glow Bug Cloth Diapers caught my eye it was for one reason. The prints! So. Many. And SO cute! But they aren't just cute diapers! They are also an affordable and effective cloth diapering option. 

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers began with two moms, Neta and Sarah, who wanted to design better cloth diapers for their own children. They did just that and soon, Glow Bug Cloth Diapers was born! The first Glow Bug diapers were offered for sale in 2011. 

Glow Bug has a unique business model. They only offer their diapers for sale as complete packages of 12 or more diapers. They believe that if parents are fully equipped, they will be more likely to succeed at cloth diapering. Just "trying" cloth diapers can lead to frustration and failure. The packages also enable Glow Bug to offer their diapers at a much lower price. 

I received a Glow Bug pocket diaper and two inserts for review purposes. I was immediately impressed with the quality and unique features of the diaper. Glow Bug diapers are a one size diaper, meaning they are designed to fit from 7-35 pounds. They have three sets of rise snaps so that you can customize the fit to your baby. My daughter is currently 6 months old and weighs 20 pounds. The diaper fit her beautifully on the second set of rise snaps. She still has lots of room to grow! 

Glow Bug diapers are only available in snap closures. And for once, I love snaps. They are not hard to snap and unsnap like some diapers are. I was equally impressed that the rise snaps were not quick to pop open when I was fastening the diaper on my baby. There are crossover snaps for a smaller baby who needs a smaller/tighter fit.

Other things I loved about Glow Bug...

1. Trim Fit - I was quite impressed with how trim this diaper fits. Even when stuffed with two inserts, it was not overly bulky. 

2. Two Pocket Openings - I absolutely LOVE this feature. Stuffing is a breeze because you can reach in and pull the insert to the front while smoothing it out from the back. Once the diaper is dirty you have the option of removing the insert from the FRONT which is normally not messy (aka poopy)! This is such a great feature on a pocket diaper! 

3. Insert Snap - At the front of the diaper there is a snap to keep the insert from moving around. This is not a common pocket diaper feature and I absolutely love it!

4. Overall Fit - Amazing. Really! I was extremely impressed with the fit of this diaper. It fit my chunky monkey with no gaping or red marks. 

5. 360 Degree Gusset - I am a huge fan of internal gussets and this diaper has an amazing, patent pending, 360 degree internal gusset. The gusset does a great job of containing blowouts.

6. Overnight - I am *always* nervous about changing up my overnight routine. I generally use a pad folded flat with a booster of some sort. With the Glow Bug stuffed with the two inserts my baby went 9 hours with NO leaks! The inserts are also designed to snap together! An added bonus for overnight use or just doubling up! 

Overall, I was extremely impressed with Glow Bug Cloth Diapers. From the customer service, to the diaper itself, they did not disappoint! I would happily add a package to my current stash should the need ever arise.

You can currently purchase 12 diapers, 18 inserts and 1 wet bag from Glow Bug for $127.00. That brings each diaper and the wet bag to just $9.77 each! For $127.00 you could buy 5-ish boxes of disposables that will last a few weeks or you could buy 12 cloth diapers that you can use until your baby is potty trained! You do the math. :-)

You can connect with Glow Bug on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest news. They are constantly offering sales and giveaways so it "pays" to connect with them!

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